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I am a third-year University of Chicago undergraduate student double majoring in computer science and mathematics. I enjoy any programming challenge, especially those that require the use of mathematical concepts. For example, some of my favorite projects to work on involve programming 2D/3D kinematics simulations. Additionally, I am extremely interested in software design/development (see my Anarchy Chess project or my work on Chiventure!). Recently, I've been focused on various VR/AR projects and helping advance this upcoming field. 

In my free time, I enjoy designing, programming, and composing music for video games of various genres. I also regularly practice and compose music for the piano and trumpet. If you want to talk about games, game design, music, math, programming, or anything else, feel free to contact me at jserf02@gmail.com.

Note: The following sections on this website contain links to descriptions and demos of projects I've completed. Due to the nature of the projects I have worked on so far, I cannot publicly upload the code for many of my projects onto the internet. Each project's page will explain more if this is the case. However, I can still send segments of the code to interested employers. If you're interested in seeing code samples for any project where it is not already linked, please contact me at jserf02@gmail.com and I will send them as soon I can. 
The current projects with publicly available code segments include the Anarchy Chess Engine (C++), the Snowboarder Animation (Python), Linear Algebra in Lean 4 (Lean 4, a cutting-edge proof assistant language), Highway Traffic Simulator (Unity C#), and the quest module from Chiventure (C). Also, if you just want to see something cool, check out the Virtual Reality Diver Interface project.

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