About Me

I am a second-year University of Chicago undergraduate student double majoring in computer science and mathematics. I enjoy any programming challenge, particularly those that involve creating new data structures for specific situations or creating complex algorithms to solve difficult problems. Recently, I've been focusing on software design and learning how best to structure my programs through a number of game-related projects.

In my free time, I enjoy designing, programming, and composing music for video games of various genres. I also regularly practice and compose music for the piano and trumpet.


I am currently conducting research with Assistant Professor Pedro Lopes through his Human Computer Integration Lab. I spend most of my time creating VR demos for the lab's cutting-edge technology. I also do a bit of hardware programming when it is necessary.

Momentus Game: Fall 2021-Present

Momentus is a precision metroidvania platformer game I am developing along with a team of 7 total members through the University Game Design Club. As Lead Developer, I make many design decisions and help organize the team so we can make efficient progress. I also do much of the programming and music composition.

So far, we have created a custom 2D physics engine for our game complete with basic kinematics, object detection with support for collision handler functions, moving object support (along with momentum conservation), and object controllers that make it incredibly easy to add just about anything to our physics system. We also have an enemy AI system prototype along with a couple sample enemies, a trigger system, and much more.

We are currently working on integrating the art and music assets and designing some more levels to finish a MVP for the first region of the game.

Chiventure is a text-based adventure game engine that serves as a large-scale software development project for UChicago students. As a part of the quests team, I redesigned and refactored the previous implementation of quests in Chiventure to create a functional, robust, and customizable quest system that is fully integrated into the rest of the game engine.

Qunnect 4 is a quantum-physics version of the classic Connect 4 board game. I developed this game through STAGE Labs as a part of their quantum games initiative.

The premise of the game involves dropping 2 pieces every turn that are in a super-position with each other, which is represented in-game through a line connecting the pieces. By dropping multiple pieces in the same grid squares, pieces can become entangled which can form entanglement chains, adding a whole new layer of strategy.

I programmed the vast majority of the game and also spent hours tweaking the interface to make the game and all of its complex mechanics as approachable to new players as possible. The version linked above is a custom build of the game that has online multiplayer lobby support.



Computer Science:

  • CMSC 16100: Honors Introduction to Programming I

  • CMSC 16200: Honors Introduction to Programming II

  • CMSC 15400: Introduction to Computer Systems

  • CMSC 22000: Introduction to Software Development


  • MATH 16110: Honors Introduction to Calculus I IBL

  • MATH 16210: Honors Introduction to Calculus II IBL

  • MATH 16310: Honors Introduction to Calculus III IBL


  • HUMA 16000: Media Aesthetics: Image, Text, Sound I

  • HUMA 16100: Media Aesthetics: Image, Text, Sound II

  • MUSI 10300: Introduction to Music: Materials and Design


Programming Languages: