STAGE Lab - Qunnect 4

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What is it?

Qunnect 4 is a quantum-physics version of the classic Connect 4 board game. I developed this game through STAGE Lab as a part of their quantum games initiative.

The premise of the game involves dropping 2 pieces every turn that are in a super-position with each other, which is represented in-game through a line connecting the pieces. By dropping multiple pieces in the same grid squares, pieces can become entangled and potentially even form entanglement chains, adding a whole new layer of strategy. 

I made this game using the Unity game engine.

What did I do?

Aside from a single pre-existing module, I did all the programming and game design for this project. I also spent hours tweaking the interface to make the game and all of its complex mechanics as approachable to new players as possible. Because I was heavily involved in the development of this project, I wound up leading most of the weekly meetings and discussions. Additionally, I created a custom build of the game independently with online multiplayer lobby support to make testing easier for the many remote employees at STAGE Lab.